Hello all.
I have been reading here at HVAC-Talk for about 2 years.I was in the Environmental/Petroleum field for 16 years when a family member got sick and I needed to stop traveling.So a friend of mine got me started doing some local maint.work for him and he notice I was learning hvac as well as other duties quick.So I got my universal certificate and did a few installs and some service work and at this time he informed me that the company that was giving us the work needed to cut back, well there was just Him and I.I have been working for a national company that does commercial HVAC And Refrigeration and I have been with them for 1.5 years.They also do alot of hot side work for large sized Resturants and the like.Since I catch on to new equipment and know safety controls they have been useing me on mostly hot side The office that i'm working out of caint keep techs due to hot side so I feel if I stay here I will always be on hot side.Because it has become 75% of or business here in the last few months.I am greatful for the job and make good money,but I dont want to do hot side all the time.I am getting good at HVAC/R and want to get better.So I'm looking for work in Columbus Ohio area with 2 years experience and universal cert.CEFESA ele. certified.Sorry so long thought I needed to exsplain.

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