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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardL View Post
    Methinks that the "some guys" and "those guys" are going to get someone a compressor rebuild before long. Why in the world would one lower the oil pressure and reduce the flow to an already overheating bearing at 189f?
    We needs a lot more info on whats happening during start to even start to answer the "Failure to meet Setpoint" on the oil pressure. And lastly is the chiller R-22 or 134a?
    kay say: to what Richard is saying. This is not a do-it-yourself job. That's the reason detail wasn't given as to how to troubleshoot a vane motor switch. Might be a wise choice for you to get someone on site that's familiar with the chiller and it's operation to show you what you need to know, and that way you'll know next time.

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    the chiller is 134a

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    its a york centrifugal chiller style E... p compressor it uses 134a refrigerant.....what other info you need....i could provide it..

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