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    Hey guys I had a month ago responded to a new unit install that had the duct works screaming. That's not my problem here but this is something much more. It's been a month and I open my unit to check the filter and such and find that 1/2 of the floor base for the unit is wet. This is and indoor blower w/ heatpump.I wont mention the brand yet unless you need it. Anyway I crawl under the crawlspace and find that approx 30 sq ft of floor is saturated, it has not made it through the hardwood yet. there is pipe or hose for drain that should run outside and does, but there is no water at all coming out of this pipe. I will be clear hear there was no P trap at the end that I said I would put on. Is not putting this on the cause. Water looks like it has overflowed the pan. I am in the middle of contacting the installer I hope you chime in first thanx.

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    The lack of a condensate trap can cause the primary pan to overflow... the p-trap is specifically designed for heat pump applications where the blower is in a pull through design... install a p-trap at the coil and while your there check the primary pan discharge for any debris.

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    Yeah make sure the drain line is clear and evap is installed correctly, is it level so the water can drain properly?
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    Ok I have made contact witht the installer, he says that not having the p installed will cause the water back up and overflow. Since then I have had the p installed (prior to the first post 7:00 pm mon), vacuumed out the lines and I can still see the water running out the edge from where the filter should lay.
    I am noticing that there is a larger tub in the series evaperator tubes. The lower portion of this insulated panel is saturated from this evaperator tube. The tube is directly up against the panel. The water from this tube is not getting to the pan and let me tell you it's quite a bit of water.
    I am also noticing that there is a clean out in the air handler station, I can blow into this and it will blow back into the unit pan but no water flows. in the opposite direction. The pan seems to fill and overflow. Why is the water not flowing out of the drain? And is it the installers fault that the evaperator is so close to the panel? Where do I go from here?
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    Yeah, the lack of a trap would cause the problem you describe, but my question is, "What kind of installer would leave it up to the owner to install the trap?".


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    Okay, notice you posted just as I did. You mention a clean out that you can blow into. If it is before your trap, it is rendering the trap useless. Put something over it or cap it off and see how much difference it makes. Once you get it draining, it will take a day or so for everything to dry out.


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    Hello again. After a day 1/2 with P trap in place the p trap is full at its end and is releasing water, but I can still look under the the air carrier where the filter lays and see quite a bit water being fanned out somehow. I found out yesterday that the installer used new a damaged unit. The drain pan was bent and he replaced it himself. This has got me ticked. I'm sure he got a break I know I didnt, but the question is. Is the same factory pan replaced in its place or just another pan that might work?
    The floor of the air carrier is still soaked. And yesterday I removed 1/2 gallon of water from the underside air box or whatever its called.

    He is on his way over now if there any suggestions I would appreciate them.

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    Yeh man, possibly the absence of a trap has caused that. I think it's between that and a bad pitch. trust me I've been there before. If it's gravitational lines make sure it's pitched. Also, make sure there is a possitive pressure in the P trap and vent!

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