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    I was asked to bid a job on a veterinarian's office just opening, It was also a vet's office prior to the sale however it was closed for a few years.

    It has electric hot water baseboard and no air conditioning. The building does have a gas line and the new owner wants Air.

    My question is being this is a vet, medical & lab will this require 100% outside air?


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    Lightbulb HVAC in The Vet


    I don't think that if you were to install Air in this vetinarian Clinic that it would need 100 % outside air. Have you heard about the Dynamic Aircleaner? It can lower the amount of outdoor air required by a large amount and it fits right into all HVAC systems. I have heard it being used in many Vet applications and people have been vary satisfied.

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    Veterinarian clinics are hard on equipment because of all the animal hair. Make sure you sell a maintenance contract with filter changes at least bimonthly. The OR room should have 100% outside air with hepa filtration, but I don't know if it's required.
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