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    My friend owns a HVAC company. Recently, he has made me an offer to prospect new sales for a percentage of the profit. I want to give this a try. He is looking to take his business to the next level and I could use the extra cash.

    I was wondering if anybody could offer me advice on finding new business. Basically, I was going to start by going through the phone book and make some cold calls. I was also going to begin by selling Preventative Maintenance service. But I would like to hear ideas from people with experience in HVAC sales.

    Also, I am looking to find the best way to advertise his company.With advertising, I want to reach the best business prospects at the least cost.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    New business is simply customers that have NOT called him YET.

    1. There would be new homes/businesses that have been built and have not needed anybody to do service/installs YET.

    2. There are customers that have been using his competitors and may be willing to call someone different.

    What else is there for NEW customers???

    You could follow his competitors trucks arround for a day or two, then contact THOSE customers to see if they are willing to switch.

    You could contact the "welcome wagon" service who will do what you are trying to do for MOVE IN's.

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    You need to learn A/C before you go out trying to sell it, service and install side.

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