Back in Seattle and ready to get back to work and the phone is not ringing??
I have tons of experience, work (15 years), schooling....etc..... and seems something is wrong with the job market up here?
I am from the west coast and have never had a problem getting work here, until now?
Here is my story, I have a contractors license in California and just completed one in Florida, did all my schooling in S.Cal at Cypress and other practical schools (all very impressive) have worked commercial( CB/Koll) etc, residential, Industrial Refrig (FES), for Corporate and myself. You'd think they would be bang'in my door down, right? NOT!
I really want to go back to Corporate, want a building etc.... and it seems it is becoming difficult to achieve. Any advice on what these guys might be looking for now days and what I might do to get their attention?
Any help is much apprieciated....

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