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    Most of the literature I've read on variable speed pumping control indicates that the differential pressure sensors should be placed on the hydraulically furthest line in the system. The explanations for this have been sketchy at best. Can someone explain in layman's terms why they should go there? Or where the best location is?

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    In order to reduce the speed of the pump and still have the entire system work right, you want to put the sensor where it will read the most critical pressure. There is an assumption that the 'longest hydraulic length' line is the place to put the sensor. That makes sense if all the components need the same pressure difference AND the device at the end of the longest line is one of the last to shut off or needs less pressure. If some other component needs a higher pressure difference or is more critical, you might want to put the pressure sensor near that device.

    This is a long way to say - put the sensor in the best location. It is up to you to figure out where that location is.

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    Try this link

    there is a lot of good info in it and there is another link in one of my posts to another thread that also had some good info.

    check those out and come back with more questions and we'll see if we got answers.
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