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    We are in the process of installing a 3.5 ton carrier water cooled heat pump in a ceiling.The unit is just a bit over the drop ceiling.Went to finish hooking up the drain line from the pan, and realized I dont have enough room to make a trap.We are using clear vinyl tube to provide some vibration elimanation.The drain will terminate in the basement below into an open 3" standpipe with a 1 1/2" trap on the bottom.Any thoughts are appreciated.Thanks.

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    IMO I would think you would want a trap for the unit. The 1 1/2" in the basement MAY be good enough if your drain from the unit is air tight with the 3" pipe. If the drain in the basement deoesn't trap properly do you really want to be sucking in sewer fumes?

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    If you can't get the trap in the ceiling space run a rigid drain to the basement, trap the condensate drain line then let it drip indirectly to the stand pipe.

    Maybe touch base with your local plumbing inspector.

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    if the drain is on the negative side of the blower u will definately need a trap somewhere

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    if ah is a pulltrough then you will have drain problems without a trap and remember tee goes after trap. trap would not do any good if tee is before trap now would it.

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