I've been driving to Houston on my day's off since July 4th. That's about 300 miles round trip. My son broke his neck in a stupid diving accident, life flight to Herman hospital. He his doing well as can be, his feelings are coming back. Even if he does'nt get his bottom half back, I think that his wife will take care of him if you know what I mean. Now the problem. My car would not start when we had to go. We were on the 4th floor of the parking garage. Just happened to fill my bottles and they were in the trunk of my car. I used the acetylene and had the wife push the gas pedal and it started. I think the fuel pump is out. Well my son and I were tossing an orange around the room today, that takes the knot out my gut. TGIF? Means Toe's go in first.Tell your children that! Used my other son's car to get home. Well back to Houston in the morning, will miss church service, but..Sorry for the rambling....another bad and good day..getting better. I'm glad the wife got us prepared before this even happened. Roy