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    Carrier 38AKS028...600, 06E compressor. Trying to verify subcooling, but interior load causing compressor to unload. Compressor has two pressure activated unloaders. Any effect or does SC stay constant? Running about 7* at this time, no receiver, sight glass full. Split air handlers with dual LLS on each, only 1 circuit calling at this time on each AH. SH running 18* at compressor. I think I'm still low, but am sweating back and don't want to thin out the oil.

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    Unit must be loaded to check charge.
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    cant charge unloaded, pull the solenoid coils off and stick a screw driver inside and then charge or take a wire off to deenergize unloader coils

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    Hook up your liq. line thermometer and then load the machine by over-riding the pressure switches long enough to take a reading when the thermometer restabilizes to a constant reading.

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    If they are the non electric pressure type unloaders you will need to energize the second circuit by overriding whatever controls that or adjust the unloaders themselves and set them up again when you`re done.

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