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    Naw,,,,,I don't go along with you're philosophy. We all did dumb things as kids, me included. My boys did the same thing. Fortunately we outgrew it, and have become somewhat productive. Heard yesterday that "Ryan" has finally hit the bigtime, and has been lodged with the state dept. of corrections until his 21st birthday. While he is in there, he'll probably hone his lifestyle and come out with a gun or a knife. Two things you can't cure, one is a biting dog, and the other is a kicking cow, add "Ryan" to the list. If you have enough time,,,,most juveniles outgrow their bad habits and become productive members of society. I blame the environment here, as there are few jobs other than menial,,,it's a beach resort area,,,most permanent residents are either older retired folks or worthless bums that cook and do meth, pot, booze, and their wives work as housekeepers in the motels, or waitresses or bartenders, clerks in the gift shops etc. If you want to truly see a cross section of our residents, go to the post office on the first of the month and see them all standing leaning on the wall, and watching for that state check to slide into their P/O box. Try to hire one, and they expect $20 an hour for grunt work, and won't work in the canneries and oysters. Those jobs have been taken over by the hispanics from down south. Sorry,,,,,,,,,,,rant over. Hope I didn't bend anyone's nose too far out of shape.
    One way to outthink people is to make them think you think. They'll think you're not really thinking what you're trying to get them to think you think...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by snooked321 View Post
    Get a decent size dog and treat it well and this animal will deter most any theif
    There was an episode a few years back on to catch a thief or something about a thief where two young men who use to be thiefs would break into someones house or business with their knowledge and permission. It was all shown on TV of how easy it was for these guys to get into homes and businesses alarms, dogs and all the rest of the stuff.

    One episode in the Bronx focused on an import car repair store in the middle of the neighborhood who specialized in expensive and classic cars.

    The owner had one of the meanest pit bulls you ever want to see. And the building was built like a fortress. So the thief walked in during normal business hours and when no one was looking he go into the back seat of on of the cars to be repaired and pulled a blanket over him.

    He waited for the owner to leave, turn on the alarm and leave the pit bull loose and then the guy just opened up the car door, petted the pit bull, played with him then locked him in one of the bathrooms.

    Then he called his buddies with some roll backs and took all the exotic cars in broad dayligth even while the neighborhood watched and even talked to him.

    Then he hot wired this hight performance pick-up the owner had built, opened the bathroom door to get the owners pit bull and got the bit bull to jump in the pick-ups passenger seat and drove away with the pit bull sitting next to the thief.

    You would have to see it to believe it.
    "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers it can bribe the public with the public's own money.
    - Alexis de Toqueville, 1835

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