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    Do I understand my new Trane AC operation?

    First, thanks to everyone who helped me get this far...

    I have a Trane XL16i connected with a 24V harness to a XV80 furnace. The thermostat is a Vision PRO TH8321U. Fan speed is set for 5 ton @ 350 cfm.

    (It is actually a 2-zone system through a Honeywell HZ322, which appears to be set up correctly.)

    Please tell me I understand how the Trane equipment will work for cooling.

    BTW, Comfort-R is now enabled and wired correctly (thanks to you guys): R jumpered to O, Y2 to BK to Y2, Y1 to Y2 to Y1, and W14/BK jumper cut. Overcooling is enabled on the thermostat.

    So, the questions...

    Upon a call for cooling, the Xl16i will run in Stage 1 (approx 65-70% capacity). The Comfort-R profile will be followed for fan speed. The XL16i will not change automatically to Stage 2 when the fan goes from 80% 100%.

    If the thermostat determines that the Stage 1 operation is at 95% capacity, then and only then, will it energize Y2, causing the XL16i to go to Stage 2 and the fan speed to go to 100%.

    Is my basic understanding correct? I really want to make sure I understand just the basics.

    Thanks again for any feedback. You guys have been a godsend. The company I am dealing with is very honest, but this installation has stretched them.
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