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    I have a Liebert Mini Mate 2 ton unit about 12 years old that keeps locking out. There's no indication on the board to give a clue why it locked out. Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot or identify what it trips on? It happens about once a week.

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    Check the evap drain or cond pump, been burned by that float before. If I remember correctly it's a lock-out circuit that kills everything..including fan
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    Sonc is correct, the float in the pan, once made kills everything.

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    Had same problem before. turned out to be plugged drain line. By the time I was called all of the water had evaporated and there was no evidence of water in pan.
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    sounds like the alarms are not set up to acknowledge any problems. you can test by physically lifting the float switch in the pan and the one in the condensate pump if equiped with a pump. the safety switch for the pump ties into tb1-8,tbi-9

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    If this is a package unit and not a split, on a Liebert that old, a high pressure switch trip also locks out the entire unit. Also check to make sure the condensate drain is not double trapped. Not sure about a unit tht old but the untis produced in at least the last five years have an internal trap. If a trap is installed on the outside the unit won't drain till it trips on condensate overflow and the blower stops

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