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    can someone help me with this Lennox no# data plate unreadable

    AHH254 ip/ru 8

    gf06 69 110385ah28113v this is off the compressor

    Hs61-211-1ff this was on inside panel

    talked to lennox they thought compressor was 2.25 ton

    but the no# on the panel seems to be 1.5 ton which would

    make more sence with 1/4inch and 5/8inch line set. our

    salesman sold a 80,000btu furnace with 2.5 ton coil and

    kept condenser it has been running this way since Jan

    thanks in advance

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    HS6-211 would be a 1.5 ton from the 1960s.

    The liquid line is the metering device. If some maroon put a new coil in and left the meter in place, it has 2 restrictions. Wonder how it is even working!

    It should be removed and a matching outdoor unit with new lineset installed!

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    Thats what i thought we replaced the 1/4 in with 3/8in had to change the piston about 5 times before we found a good balance thanks for confirming.

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