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    Just did a call on a 2 year old Trane YSC072A3EHAOAD. The only problem was a loose belt, but as I looked at the unit I realized I did not understand how the refrigerant was being metered into the evaporator. It looks to have a 1/4 to 5/16" line from the outlet of the condenser feeding into a manifold with maybe 5 or 6 tubes feeding the evaporator. Is there a restrictor near the manifold or what?

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    There is a restriction in each of the tubes that enters the evaporator.

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    orfice in each tube and if restriction occurs just change the whole thing manifold if possible if not complete evaporator

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    The information I needed was in my neck of the woods.

    What you seen I think it's an orifice that feeds into a distributor. I say this because there has to be a metering on every unit to drop the temp. of the refrigerant entering the lo side of system. These are the types: capillary, orifice, Thermostatic, automatic, electronic. For a two tonner this had to be a capillary tube wich does not employ a distributer so I exclude that possibility. Therefore, this was an orifice type distributer

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