I like the system we have. One side is ussualy not allowed to mess crap up too long before the pendulum swings the other way.
What I am seeing all over TV really upsets me. We need specific warnings about Terrorist threats, whenever possible. More than that those warning must be beleivable. They are giving the most specific warning ever given right now. Because those words are coming from a man picked by Bush, they have less than zero credability to way too many people. They may be right. Bush might be trying to scare his way into 4 more years. If we were in a different country, the current ruling government would hold a confidence election.
We can't change our system, but we can't live with 2 sides being absolutely sure they are right and the other side is an evil force out to ruin the country. Our system is based on compromise, where nobody is absolutely right all the time. Anybody that has absolutely all the right answers all the time, does not even understand what the question is. The terrorist do not have to attack. We are doing more damage to ourselves than they could probably do anyway.

Can't we all get along just a little bit?