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    After a bit of research I discovered my thermostat was bad. It was not signaling the compressor to start. I replaced it and now I have a working refrigerator. Thank you to everyone for your assistance last month.

    Another question regarding the refrigerator (fresh food) side of this 2 compressor Sub Zero Model 532:

    Is the copper line that returns the R-12 to the compressor after it leaves the evaporator coil supposed to be frosty? The 12 inches of un-insulated copper line that enters the compressor has a visible frost on it when the compressor is running.

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    might well be a slight overcharge. need to chk. sub-cooling/superheat whichever applies.

    decades ago on cap tubes (not just me a lottttt of old time goooooood techs) would charge to operating temp, and let it frost to within 6 inches of comp just at shut off point
    Worked well for me for many years. Not saying it is the super hi tech way but will definetly get u to 3rd base.

    Like i said decades ago. and small boxes only.
    If you really know how it works, you have an execellent chance of fixin' er up!

    Tomorrow is promised to no one...

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