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    Typical cost for a 3ton evaporator coil???

    My unit has lost 5lbs of freon...and I was told I had a leak in my coil...the price to replace the evaporator coil and a new plenum would run me $.. installed ...w/ tax...Is this a fair price?? I've never had to do this before and not familiar with pricing..I live in the Dallas area..I believe what I would be getting would be a Lennox CH23-41..
    I don't have time to meet other people out there to get bids..
    Thanks for any help!
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    Removed your price.

    Please read site rules, thank you.

    Site rules.

    Part of the rules:

    3. No pricing questions please

    Only people who actually see your job can price it accordingly. There will be no pricing allowed in the public access areas of this site. Please do not ask for or give pricing comparative information.
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    jeeze... put it in!
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    $$$$.$$ plus labor

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    I'll do it... For $1,000,000,000 and breakfast at the Waffle House.
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