has anyone here had any dealings with witt outside air equipment.i have a problem that has me chasing my tail.this particular installation is on a school feildhouse(weightroom).this unit,a 12 ton witt is being used as primary air conditioning for this building.i have other schools where they are being used as fresh air units but this is the only one i have that is using 100% outside air as PRIMARY cooling.the problen is the compressor(copeland semi) keeps failing on a oil pressure switch.i know(or think)this is being caused by liquid flooding because there is foam in the comp. sight glass.the thing is that all checks show the unit to be operating correct.75-80 suc press.25* superheat and sweat back all the way to the comp,oil press of 30-35#.i can never manage to be at the unit when it fails but when i am there it seems to be doing fine.i am from florida and this time of year we have 95-100 degree days with 75%+hum.i just dont think the piece of equipment is capable of dehumidification and cooling the building with such extreme temps.we are just about to the point of changing the unit(i am not a fan of witt units anyway)but i am going to meet with the engineer of the building before we do.does anyone out there have equip. preforming in such conditions and if so what kind of unit seems to be the most reliable in these extreme conditions. HELP!!!!! THANK YOU