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    Ok, I ran a call today; the walk in temp was 50 deg.
    Frozen coil! I looked to check the TXV and I didn’t
    see one in the evap.

    I now understand the entire rack system is controled
    by an XDX controler system.

    With zero Info on this cold zone rack system, I now seek
    any and all Info on this system.

    I can not stand being In the dark on something like this.
    I will visit the cold zone web site and, check
    other search engines.

    But I would like any info you guys could come up with.

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    The only XDX deal I'm aware of is the magic "Black Box" that's installed after the TXV. Have they expanded their abilities?

    Here's a link to an old thread that contains a link to an even older thread about XDX:

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