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    I was informed today on the self cleaning manitowocs you can cancel the clean cycle early. but i was told you could burn up the board doing it if it was in harvest. i learned this from a customer who had already called manitowoc before we got there.

    Can it burn the board up? And why would you start a clean cycle in the middle of a harvest to start with?

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    I posted this about a week or so ago concerning the way to release a Manitowoc from the clean cycle:

    The Clean cycle on a Q-Series machine can be canceled by switching to Ice and Off once or twice. This also overrides the six minute delay for the controller to look at the ice thickness probe. It's a service tool.

    As far as what this customer told you, I have never heard that bit about burning up the board. It sounds to me like a factory tech-rep trying to unload a PIA end user.

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    Originally posted by icemeister
    It sounds to me like a factory tech-rep trying to unload a PIA end user.
    hmmmmmm sounds like randy to me lol
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