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    Re: Re: Re: Gerryboy...........

    Originally posted by refer dude 2479
    So was ther a problem and what was the fix. Was it just the slab of ice that you had trouble getting rid of or........ [/B]
    I think there was\is a problem.After I found the missing X wire and activated the coil`s DTT and put long defrost time every 4 hours the DTT`s bulb sensed the front of the coil which melts the latest ,it was fixed.Now the customor thinks the unit is in defrost everytime he passes by the compressor.The front part of the coil where the DTT bulb is not totaly defrosted when the rest of the coil is already dry.I just don`t want to take chance with an iced up coil.

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    A Thermobank.

    Pass the Excedrin.

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