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    Stupid Question. I have a 5 ton Copeland hermetic recip out on internal overloads. Model # CRN5-0500-TF5-970. I have resolved the problem which caused the compressors to overheat. Is it possible for this style compressor to reset after it cools off? Or should I just offer a proposal for a new replacement compressor? Thanks ROC

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    In the time it took you to write this it may have already reset, if not cool it with water hose til it does, if it won't...bye bye birdie...

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    Yes the overloads, internal and external will reset when they cool down. Don't replace the compressor. An overload is designed to trip and reset. If you have truely fixed the problem, when the overload resets it should not trip again on the restart or during operation. When an overload trips, remember that only heat and/or amperage will make it trip. Like senior tech stated, if the doesn't reset, now you'll end up changing compressors.

    One other point of interest, this is not the original compressor in this system. No serial number was given so I don't know the age of it. Thanks for the model number. Some time ago the compressor failed. For what ever reason the previous compressor failed, hopefuly the problem has been resolved. If not, maybe that's why the overload tripped.

    Good Luck

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    My experience has been some reset quickly and some take a lot of water.

    I've even resorted to turning a CO2 cylinder upside down and shooting that at the compressor.

    I've had the worst results by using ice atop the compressor dome.

    My best results have been from a combination of water hose with volumes of water and shooting compressed gas at the compressor shell. Like I was trying to freeze the shell itself.

    Sometimes you need to replace the start components after they have tripped the internal overload. Due to the fact they too have been overheated in the process.

    Depending on the customer and circumstances, I may leave the unit off overnight and return the next AM and see if it has reset and will now operate smoothly.
    I dont like to quickly condemn a compressor.

    But you cannot always leave on off that long.

    You may condemn one, return early the next morning to replace it and discover the old unit is now ready to run smoothly.

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    Gentlemen: The compressor reset overnight and is running fine again. Thank you all for your replys. ROC

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