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    Leaky coil - replace condenser too?

    Homeowner here. Have a Carrier system that is over 7 years old. It is a split-unit (I think that is the right term) where there is an a-frame style coil inside and the compressor/condenser are outside. Been having to recharge it and finally had a leak test done that found a leak in the coil. I'm hearing that compressors last around 10 years on average and this one has been run low on refrigerant at times over the last couple of years due to the leak. If the average life is 10 years, and I'm at 7, does it make since to go ahead and replace it to get full factory warranty on everything? I was also told by one tech that if I put in only a new coil and the old compressor blows, it could spew contaminants into the new coil, reducing it's effectiveness and lifespan.

    BTW, I have a separate question, but I'll post it in a new thread.

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    7-years is not especially old for a condenser, particularly a Carrier. And the national average for both AC and HP's is about 15-years. Some last longer, some less but that's the average. For just an indoor coil, I think I'd advise doing just that. If the compressor goes, then I'd do the whole enchilada.
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