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    Quote Originally Posted by energy star View Post
    You will have a hard time getting anyone to pin it down. You have to many variables....lights, dancing, people. Friday and Saturday will have more people than Weds or Thursday (you know what I mean) What you may want to do is get 40 -60 tons (I would go with sixty) Then set one or two extra curbs over the dance floor or an area that has the most people. This way if you find 60 won't do it....set another roof top unit on the curb that is already set and weather tight!!! Put yourself on a concentric diffuser and your golden. If you do need another unit, it will be cheaper since the curb is in and it's a piece of cake to do!!

    (Whats a concentric diffuser? Go to Walmart....and look up.

    I was thinking a VRV system with a selection of ducted/ductless air handlers and 100% outdoor air processing units to suit the interior style.
    Easy enough to add air handlers and outdoor modules later if needed, or rearrange air handlers to suit future remodels.

    Efficient, quiet, zoned, and completely variable capacity.

    Oh wait, the OP is to cheap to even hire an engineer, so the extra up front cost of a VRV system is right out...
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    I would take your plans to the engineer and have him calculate the heat load and plan the equipment. Give the new plans to the contractor and let them bid on the job. The contractor is used to calculating heat loads based on maximum outdoor temperature. You will be running mainly at night, which is going to decrease your cooling load as compared to the afternoon, but also complicate matters when the outdoor temperature is not that high.

    Letting the contractors guesstimate the load and then basing the equipment on that is gambling your money away.

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