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    inside Insulation of attic split system is wet

    Hey guys,
    I've posted before about my drain pan always being full with water. The installer (in november) run the drain pipe to the inside drain (of the hvac split system in the attic). Now, there are two drain connectors, a red plug and a green plug. after removing both plugs, i've found out that one hole is only half way open. It looks like a factory made, kinda like a halfmoon where the bottom part is closed and the top part is open. The installer did connect the drain pipe to "that" particular outlet. so condensation water got together and filled up the drain pan and dripped out of the hvac system to the drain pan where the complete system sits. do u follow me.

    I connected the drain pip to the other outlet so that all condensation water get out right away.


    since the split system lays sidewards, the complete inside insulation of the HVAC system is wet. My question, my attic is very hot. can i leave it and let it dry out? or should i remove it??? Its a pain to remove the insulation, it looks like it is glued in.

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    Turn your fan on. let it air out.

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    If this was a new install in November, have him come back and make it right, if he doesn't come back, send a registered letter and wait for receipt then get someone to fix this before you rot out your framing or start growing bugs or all the above. You can consider taking tha first guy to Small Claims for the repair.
    Again, assuming this is a new unit install

    It pains me as a contractor to suggest this course of action

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