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    do you guys do anything to these reach in cooler gaskets before you install them to get them to hold the door closed right away after instalation. Some of them I have to wedge something heavy up against the door for a while until it compresses enough to where the magnet can hold the door closed

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    Flat warm surface. let em lay out there and return to their natural form.

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    Fill a sink with hot water.

    Soak the gasket in the sink full of hot water for about three minutes.

    Install gasket.

    A good wallpaper roller can help, also, on SOME gaskets.

    Hang your top two corners, then do the bottom two, then work your way across the top, then the bottom , and finally the sides.

    If the gasket is holding the door open, then the door is either sprung or out of adjustment.

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    I use the hot water trick every time I install new gaskets. It would really help if gaskets were shipped in larger containers. Usually all scrunched up when I get them.

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    I wished I would have seen this thread before I went to work today. I didn't think about the soaking in hot water or roller trick. I just installed 15 gaskets tonight on some Randells and Trues. I did the corners first and then just worked the rest in. If your door won't close you either have a misaligned door or you don't have your gasket seated properly.

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    Thanks for the suggestion
    I just replaced a scrunched up gasket
    lucky I read this post first
    after hot water soaking, job went slicker than a whistle

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