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    Hey I just got done voting on that!!

    83% say yes

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    That was her punishment for driving off with $4.52 worth of gas.

    Did you hear of the 90 year old lady that was hand-cuffed and taken to jail because it was discovered during a routine traffic stop that she had not paid a $3.00 parking ticket several years ago?

    Stay with me now... There is a point here.

    Now, if you don't pay a small parking ticket, you can't register your vehicle.

    Have you ever heard of someone loosing their house, farm, or business just because they own some back taxes?

    A point. "They" get their money. No manner the size owned, if it is to a government agency from city to federal, you will pay. They will use an unlimited amount of resources (your tax dollars) to accomplish it.

    The point. What if someone steals a service call from you, say two or three hundred dollars worth of parts and labor from your company? The theft may be by not paying when invoiced or writing a bad check and not taking care of it when called. How do you get your money? Most courts will order it paid, but many companies don't pursue the case, because it would be at their expense. All lawyer and court cost, which could be in the thousands, are your responsibility. If the court orders the money owed paid, the enforcing the order could mean another court hearing and more of your money to cover cost.

    It good that someone had to pay for the crime of stealing gas. And perhaps you think it was great that someone's grandmother was cuffed and drug off to jail because she forgot to pay a ticket 40 years ago. The "system" should start looking at the crime of ripping off service companies.

    If that much effort and tax dollars can be used to go after someone for stealing $4.52 worth of gas, then ensure that the criminals we bring in are held accountable and reimburse us for exposing them as the thieves they really are.

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