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    I am working on small cap tube production chiller no access ports its freezing up where it goes into evap barrel and freezing up at suction line on compressor shell.suction line not very cold discharge not hot at all.whats the best thing to do put piercing valves on.ths just has a little pump on goes to paper hat making machine.flow looks ok

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    put the tap on pull the charge do a vac test(empty the evap barrel prior to the vac so no water gets sucked in)isolated the water lines in and out...after you have a good vac open the barrel drain and see if you have any vac within the barrel.swet on shradder/copper on the suction and discharge and revac this will give you a good working access to the system to further test.

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    Solder on C&D saddle valves. Johnstone carries them in all line sizes.

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