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    Does anybody have any experience with ice thermal storage....REALLY big ice machines? I worked one one dynamic storage system that stored 22,300 ton hours. Made ice with 3 - 1500hp FES screw compressors serving Mueller Ice Harvesters. I want to play with another one.

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    Imagine being about to fill a dump truck with ice and them go bury your neighbor's car while their at work or in the market shopping!!!


    Do tell more!

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    And then some

    This system provided demand leveling for a 43 story high rise facility in Taiwan. The three 1500 ton R-22 compressors provided liquid over-feed to the Mueller Avalanche ice builders to build almost 400,000 lbs of ice each night. The ice builder changed to chiller mode (no hot gas bypass) during the day and supplemented the ice storage. The water in the ice storage tank was circulated to massive plate and frame heat exchangers and back to the ice builders. The secondary side of the heat exchangers sent 35 deg. chilled water to the building. All air handlers had VFDs on both supply and return fans. The building was controlled by a 36,000 point Honeywell control system. Really an "Super Cool" system!

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    Hey cool I worked for a place which had same type of system but we used 6-450 hp frick screws with 2 millino gallon tank. Split into 10 separate small tanks. We would burn one at a time to about 42 f and switch to the next. They would last all day no problem and then rebuild all night. Which only cost a fraction of price for power. Each held 62,000 of R22. Pretty cool system. it was all auto mated with novar software. Where I work know we just had a chilled water storage system put in. Not happy with it yet lots of problems. They did not think we need ice storage because we are so close to the beach and temps are average in the 70 year round. As for the ice plant my buddys still work there.

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    Where are you located?..... Need any help? I worked on several ice storage systems both static and dynamic. I also had a 4.5 million gallon chilled water storage system charged with 6- 1500 ton Trane centrifugicals... I love these systems. Tell me more about your chilled water storage system and how it comes along. I am jealous!

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