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Thread: what to do?

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    what to do?

    customer says this unit has been fine for 7 years and now it leaks inside.

    yes, it sure does. not only at the inside wall thimble, but at a joint that is opened up due to the extreme angle.

    this is an "A" frame house and termination is flat on roof and that makes it angled backwards.

    what is happening is the water pools up on the top of the termination and then runs down onto the angled "face" and then into the flue of the direct vent.

    the leak at the thimble is puzzling in that I did not see water going into the combustion air/outer part of the pipe.

    it would seem to me that the angle created by the "A" frame roof is too great for a flush mount and that there should be an extension to level the termination and the pipe so it connects to the stove properly.

    it is an Aladin by Quadra Fire. I did not find any instruction at the location or online.

    what do you think/know?

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    Cool TORI

    The unit is improperly vented. It should be shutdown and removed. There is nothing you can do to correct this. The water entering most probably has ruined the fireplace. Tear Out/ Re-Install a new unit (TORI).

    It hasn't been 'fine' since the day it was installed. This will void the warranty and listing btw.

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    can you provide me with something to take to the owner and my boss that will convince them of this?

    is that just you opinion based on your knowledge/certification or is there a manufacturer's statement to the effect?


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