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    anybody have to bail out a boss cause the man cannot keep eye contact with customers, trips over words? yet has 30+ years in the field? (not that it matters)...whatever I'm ranting the paycheck still comes=)

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    Well as a matter of fact I have. For the past 3 years with this company our division manager had what we refer to as a lack of people skills that was reflected in a lack of profit. He's gone now.
    Don't let your ego get in the way of a good decision

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    Worked for a company once where they kept telling me the SM had previously owned his own business, After a week and a half of bailing him out on chiller calls, i asked the tech i was with what was up with the old man, come to find out, he did own his own business, but it was cable tv installations.

    This guy absolutely knew nothing about chiller's, but worked on them daily. The last i heard, he was selling cars. LOL.

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    Originally posted by ericnyc
    anybody have to bail out a boss cause the man cannot keep eye contact with customers, trips over words? yet has 30+ years in the field? (not that it matters)...whatever I'm ranting the paycheck still comes=)
    Sounds like my old Service Mgr.

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    I dont care if the SM is a seasoned tech in the related field or not. Just as long as he does what is necessary to meet my expectations. Which are as follows;

    1) encourage the men under his charge, DAILY!!!

    2) all chewing-out is done in private, not in front of anyone else, EVER, under any circumstances! NEVER!

    3) SM should work closely with management to remove as many obstacles as is feasible, from the path of the service techs/installers/salesmen.

    4) SM should take his stand beside the service techs. He should stick up for every one of them. He should believe in them, trust them with his life and never ever take anyone else's side until he has met in person with the service tech and heard their own story on the matter! Period!!!

    5) he should be a man free from grudges, predjudice, arrogance, and that kind of stuff.

    6) He should find out what his men dont know and then set out to bring them slowly up to speed.

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    service manager

    Hey R12, sounds like your describing The Boss Carpenter.

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    I'm with R12. Too many techs expect their manager to have all the answers. As you should know by reading posts on this web-site; no one knows everything. It's more important to me for a service manager to have organizational skills, set a good example for the techs, and relate well with customers. It shouldn't simply be the service wrench who has been there the longest. How does that equip someone with management skills? That does not excuse someone from knowing the basics, the refrigerant circuit and electrical troubleshooting skills are a must.

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    I have been a service tech for the last 16 years, the last 9 with the same company. All my co-workers and myself had complained about the service manager since he was hired, about 5 years ago. Word on the street was not to come to work for the company because of him. Everything R12 said he was just the oposite of. I was asked last year to leave the field and take his place. I have never been in a management position before. I am and never will be the smartest and have all the answers but I am the complete opposite of the old service manager. All the techs seem happy and I get calls everyday from techs looking to come work for the company. So far so good.

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    My very first HVAC job

    while still going to comm college, was hired by a retired Navy SM. I told him I had just graduated from the USAF HVAC tech school and he said "I built that school", yada yada. He "knew everything there was to know", but was was on the rag with everyone, always, but esp w/me. I think it was a navy/AF rivalry thing. What a jerk! I think he hired just so he could give me sheet...

    It was a great day when he was "showing me" how to weld an elbow on this WI we were puttin' in. He had the torch too loud and hot and melted a dime-sized hole underneath the 1 1/8" SL about 3" off the ground. From then on, his name was "Your Hole-y-ness"...

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