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    I just relocated and am totally getting behind on my bills. I thought this would be a good career move, but I'm on a $21,000/yr. salary and working over 60 hours a week! This translates to about $6.67 an hour. I didn't go to school to make this. I'm overworked and underpaid. I was told I'd be paid $10/hr. My wife, son and I moved five hours away from our home and families, (from Searcy, AR area to Missouri and work mostly in NW Arkansas) and now this! I'm already behind, due to moving expenses, so I certainly cannot afford to move again (unless moving expenses are covered). I'm currently the company's service technician (guy who owns company plus five employees, and the owner and I are the only ones who run service), and I prefer to stay in that line of work, but I'd probably be willing to run duct again if I was paid enough. I do not have a lot of refrigeration experience, though I wouldn't mind getting more experience. I have done mostly residential work. I've run service, installed units, ran duct, etc. I'm certified, and I have two years off-and-on experience. I'm a very hard worker, learn quickly, and I graduated college with honors. Please help!

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    I don't actually have a line of a job down there for you, but you really ought to be able to find something better than 21K, depending on your location.

    I grew up in Cassville, MO - 17 miles north of the Arkansas border in the SW corner of MO. There is actually a lot of work in the lake areas during the summers.

    If you're closer to the Rogers/Fayetteville/Springdale area, there are bound to be jobs there.

    I know I saw some jobs available around Springfield and down into Branson. There are also jobs up here in Kansas City for someone with experience.

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    Mr. Chapman, I would sugest you sit your boss down and have a long talk with him.
    I dont know about the state laws where you work , but in one state I was in, I had an employer try that same stunt with me.
    My father in law showed me the laws concerning overtime pay for non management employees.
    Anything over forty hours per week is overtime! Unless you are a manager.
    Since you are not a manager, you may be entitled to overtime pay.
    And you should be getting more than ten dollars an hour.
    Depending upon the individual state's law ... you may be entitled to collect this back pay right now.
    For me, I had to take him to the labor beauro. I had to win a judgement over him.
    I got my back pay.
    But I had to produce records of hours worked, with dates and such.
    I hope you carry a Palm Pilot or the equivelent.
    They really shine in an area like this.

    In the mean time, work yourselves out a liveable budget and stick to it.
    Anything related to your present position, expense wise ... have your employer pay for. Uniforms included.
    Possibly have your creditors recomend low monthly payments to them until such time as you are making more money.

    Dont put off having that talk with your boss. But first, check your state labor laws. They are probably available online here.
    Or, simply post the question in the General Discussion section of this site. Ask for advice from contractors in your state.
    And pray. The both of you, together, regularly. Not just for your job, but for your boss also.

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    You need to stick it to that company. In any legal way possible. Companys like this are the reason no one wants to get into this feild in the first place. There are better companys out there, believe me.

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    Nate,do you still have the same Email address?

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    FLSA-covered, non-management employees in production, maintenance, construction and similar occupations such as carpenters, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, iron workers, craftsmen, operating engineers, longshoremen, construction workers and laborers are entitled to minimum wage and overtime premium pay under the FLSA, and are not exempt under Section 13(a)(1) of the FLSA nor the regulations at 29 CFR Part 541, no matter how highly paid they might be.

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    Thanks everyone

    I'm not sure I can get overtime pay, since I'm salaried. I just know I'm getting bashed. I worked for the guy's dad a little bit back home, and he paid well ($15/hr). The guy I work for is nice overall, but I'm really being slapped in the face now. My other two jobs I've had in this field I was paid $12/hr, which I thought was okay, as long as I was getting at least 40 hours a week...which I wasn't.

    Someone said we should pray. We do, and we have. My wife and I pray together. We're Christians (my wife manages our site at, and she stays at home with our son, so I really need a good job. The whole reason we decided to go with this job is that my employer said he had no problem with my taking the days off I need, which includes Friday sundown to Saturday sundown for the Sabbath and for all of God's feast days, which total up to 2 to 2.5 weeks a year, which most people take for vacation, anyway. But, it's so hard these days to find an employer that won't have a fit if you won't work on Saturday. I'm trying to look around to see whether I can find a different employer, but I'm caught between both options.

    I thank the person who suggested I look for work in the Springfield area (although I'd rather not go more north, but I will if I have to). I will certainly try. I have to keep living expenses in mind, and we can't afford a whole lot. My wife does a pretty good job paying our bills (we tithe, too), considering what a mess we're in.

    I'll look up the labor laws. If anyone else has any suggestions or any work nearby, please let me know.

    Yes, I still have the same email address.

    P.S. My wife has decided to try working again at home for the company she's worked for called Procard. They offer dental, vision, and presciption, as well as physician discounts, so if anyone is interested (including for your employees), email her at with a brief note that you're interested in getting a discount card.

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    Are you fairly close to the Rogers/Springdale/Fayetteville area? It's growing leaps and bounds there.

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    Yes...near Fayetteville

    I am half an hour away from Rogers/Bentonville area an 45 minutes or so from Fayetteville/Springdale. I work a lot in Rogers and Bentonville, as well as Bella Vista. I just don't know how to go about finding another job and maybe I shouldn't. I just read up on FLSA laws, and it looks like I'm eligible for backpay. I may be fired after cashing in on that, though. I wouldn't be surprised.


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    You are entitled to overtime,contact the National labor Relations Board

    Suggestion regarding Saturdays:

    Suggest to future employers ,that you will work the "on call" for All Sundays and maybe more often than others in rotations,or Holidays that you don't celebrate.

    We had a guy that worked those type hours for religious reasons,the techs sure do miss him!!Do you want to move to Florida?

    Point is, this gives the company a reason to allow you Saturdays off,as most if not all others would not want All Sundays on call.

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    Working Sundays

    Thanks for your response, they are all very helpful. Actually I do work Sundays, and every other recognized holiday. I'm averaging over 60 hours a week, and just about ran into the ground. I set as many units as I run service calls, which was never really in my "job description". At least today was short (10 hours), because tomorrow is going to be tough. Thanks again for all the replies, they're very helpful.


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    Re: relocated?

    Originally posted by highlimit
    Nate,do you still have the same Email address?
    Hey Ken, surprised to see you on here. Yes, we finally got everything moved. Beautiful country, just don't have time to enjoy it... or money to get out for that matter. Anyway, how are things back home? E-mail me if you get a chance.

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