I just relocated and am totally getting behind on my bills. I thought this would be a good career move, but I'm on a $21,000/yr. salary and working over 60 hours a week! This translates to about $6.67 an hour. I didn't go to school to make this. I'm overworked and underpaid. I was told I'd be paid $10/hr. My wife, son and I moved five hours away from our home and families, (from Searcy, AR area to Missouri and work mostly in NW Arkansas) and now this! I'm already behind, due to moving expenses, so I certainly cannot afford to move again (unless moving expenses are covered). I'm currently the company's service technician (guy who owns company plus five employees, and the owner and I are the only ones who run service), and I prefer to stay in that line of work, but I'd probably be willing to run duct again if I was paid enough. I do not have a lot of refrigeration experience, though I wouldn't mind getting more experience. I have done mostly residential work. I've run service, installed units, ran duct, etc. I'm certified, and I have two years off-and-on experience. I'm a very hard worker, learn quickly, and I graduated college with honors. Please help!