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    We have a problem with an old Wilch Manufacturing Inc slush machine. The model number is 215-NS and the seriel number is HB-2006. We need the electrical wiring diagram for this machine. Or if you can give us the phone number or the web site of the manufacturing company so we can directly contact them, that will be good too. We desperatly need information on this machine or the company. If anyone can offer help, we will greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you for your generousity

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    I have what you need at my office, tomorrow I will send it to you as an attachment, and give the phone number.

    We work on those damn things all the time. the parts are hard to get, They come out of Spain I think.

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    Smile Thank you, Smitty1968

    Thank you so much, Smitty! You responded so quickly! That really cools us down! Get the joke? We expect to receive your attachment and the phone number tomorrow. Thank you again for your much-apreciated help. Have a great day!

    Charles Chen

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    Cool Wilch Machine

    Hey Charles,
    Try this out.......

    Or Call 1-800-969-3746
    Ask for Robert Little.

    I Hope this helps. If not I will get that Wiring Diagram
    for you tomorrow.

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