I recently purchased a high rise condo and there is this climatemaster 816 series vertical water source unit in my bed room that is giving me a big headache. Basically there are two problems,

1. The water pipes, when the valves are on, give this constant clicking noise, like a train running even the A/C unit is off. The noise will intensify during night time when our neighbors downstairs turn their A/C on. We had two different groups of technicians coming check it out. One technician admitted that it is a rare problem but none of them offered an explanation.

2. The humming noise from the compressor is very hard to endure. Is there any possible way to insulate the unit or sort of absorb the noise? More troublesome is that even when we turn off our unit, we will hear very annoying humming noise from our neighbor's AC downstairs. Again both technicians we found couldn't give us any solution.

So basically every night my wife and I are bothered by two types of noises even when the A/C unit is not on: 1, strong clicking noises from the water pipe; 2, humming noise (amplified by our unit) from downstairs. I had to sleep in the living room during a couple of days when it's really bad. Strangely not all the units are like this, the unit one floor above me seems perfect. No noise from water pipe and slight humming sound from compressor which is very tolerable.

I'm very frustrated because I just can't believe there is no solution. So I turn to this forum and hope you guys can at least shed some light on what is going on.