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    Opinion on new system

    After calling almost every HVAC contractor in town, I finally found a good one. They actually did a real load calculation, measured air flow from the ducts, etc. The system I have in mind is a Bryant heat pump. FV4C air handler variable speed with tin plated coil. 226A heat pump 2 stage. t-6 thermostat with humidity control. Anyone with any experience with this system know if I'm making a good choice? The contractor is nate rated and factory certified.

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    Sounds like you found a good contractor in your area. The equipment you selected will do a great job and you will like it. Did you look into the Evolution series from Bryant at all?

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    what size outside condenser?

    what size heat strip? staged or not staged?

    what is your location?

    only bad feature is no demand defrost.


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    I would pay a little more and get demand defrost.

    AFAIK, contractors aren't "factory certified". Just because they're on the manufacturers web site doesn't mean nuthin, except that they're an approved dealer. The "semi-pros" that put in my stuff were listed on the manufacturers web site.

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