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    Not in Iran

    its on there

    i found the (general service bulletin) on the Step by Step repair of what you are looking for, It is on the Comfortsite., good bulletin
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    I have enever had this problem down under but from a logically point of view, if the bolts are to long, replace them or add washers, if from the seals, run the compressor at full load and while doing this move the valve. Being any oil enriched system oil may enter the seals providing the seal required or just replace the valve.

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    Just changed a valve on a 2010 machine. Leaking from the stem, this is the first one our of 4 that gave any probelems. The cap worked out nice

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    just worked on a RTAC chiller about a month ago. Found circuit completely flat on charge. All 225# gone. Found it leaking around the entire flange. I heard from someone I know from Trane that they are having a lot of problems with this. It will come out on a service bulletin soon. Makes me wonder if the Poloyl oil is eating it up

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    I have had to replace the butterfly assembly due to a leak.

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    I got on this site today with the intention of asking about this very subject. Found a stem leaking today, wondering what the repair would be , replace the valve or repack the stem if possible. Thats a tough thing to have to tell the customer after making the repair that you have to add 175# of gas!! This chiller is approx 2008 vintage.
    I caught wind of the problem with the flange bolts last year, thats what I expected to find when I saw the "low evap. temp. diagnostic. Nope, it was the stem.

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