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    Copper line sets stolen from 10 units do units need replaced

    I am in insurance sales and a client had 10 line sets stolen from his 10 outside AC units. He had a contractor inspect and noted due to line set theft all units need completely replaced. If the units were not damaged other than the lineset theft can they be perged vacummned and new linesets installed or whatever the professional term is? I want to make sure my client does get new units from the carrier if needed, but if not want to make sure they are fixed correclty. The adjsuter notes they should be able to put line sets on and clean/perge etc and the outside units would work correctly although I am sure the adjsuter is not a liscensed HVAC installer. Thank you in advacne for any insight.

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    The missing copper can be replaced, but there can't be a guarantee that there won't be problems with the units afterwords. Refrigeration systems don't like to be left open for any length of time. If any moisture or dirt or metal shavings got in there, it could wreck havoc with the systems and cause an angry customer. Another thing to consider is that if these units are more than a couple of years old, it is likely that they use R22, which has become obsolete and very expensive as of late.

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    I guess if I was your "client" I would accept whatever the insurance policy in effect would cover up to and including the very best solution. If the offer was to repair verses replace, I would be asking the insurance company for some written assurance that the chosen course of action was guaranteed to return my property to as good or better shape than before the theft. That way if the repair showed to be less than what was needed I wouldn't be on the hook for 10 new units as first suggested.

    Everyone has an opinion, one contractor's opinion is just that, one opinion. If I was taking on the job and any possible warranty issues resulting from my work I'd be probably suggesting replacement also only because of all the unknowns.
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    There are some things to consider; do these systems have any low pressure safety controls? What is the age of the equipment? What type of refrigerant? How long was the system open to the atmosphere?

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