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    HVAC Basics / for Dummies

    Hi All

    First post so here goes, basically I was hoping somebody could recommend a book or website in relation to the basics of commercial A/C systems? I am a surveyor recently moved to Australia from Scotland so its a big switch from Gas Central Heating to A/C cooling and I have little knowledge on the subject.

    Any info much appreciated.


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    I'm sure that Aussie equipment is different from what we have here in the States but an excellent book is Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

    I read it cover to cover in about a month 20 years ago and that book gave me the foundation I needed to eventually become a pretty good HVAC tech.
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    Here is an older book that is free. Basics haven't changed. I just read lots of web pages.

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    Modern Refrigeration is a good book. It was used when I did my pre-apprenticeship in 1980 and is still used today.

    Also get the Copeland manuals and Trane has/had two books, each one
    separately titled Trane Refrigeration and Trane Air Conditioning.

    Or just go to the local technical institute and use the library.
    Then again there is probably everything somewhere on the internet.

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    ps. there is another site called

    i found it after googling info about Taylor soft ice cream machines.

    its very interseting and most of the members seem to be on your side
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    check out the training authority. Home study courses and books. the ARI website has a bookstore also. Welcome to the world of hvac!
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    try: Doolins Bible

    explains a bunch of things in laymans terms

    then read: Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


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    For real commercial sytems, try and get hold of Trane's Air Conditioning Manual (Blue cover).

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    As per Kevin, Trane's airconditioning manual is very good, although pretty deep for starters. They also have one called the reciprocating refrigeration manual that's not as deep, but has all the basics. My all time favorite (which I think should be required reading for anyone in this industry) is "New ways to solve your air conditioning and refrigeration service problems" by Carl Geist. It shows nothing new at all, except to point out through the entire read that to ever be worth anything as a mechanic, you have to be willing to use your head for something besides a hatrack. That alone is a new concept to most folks in any service industry - not just ours.

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    my two cents

    For about 50 bucks for the set Johnstone Supply published a nifty wire bound book that I keep in the truck for residential reference on the road. One is for heating one if for cooling and 410a. They are complete with several pages from the catalog in the back so you know exactly what part to order while your on the road.

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