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    I thought some of you guys would like to see how they used to build an ice machine. Best guess, is this flaker was built in the mid 50's, and is still producing ice today!

    I know some of you guys have seen many of these machines, but for the younger crew, there is nothing like this being manufactured today (to my knowledge!).

    The evaporator is a rotating drum, that has a spray head laying a pattern of water on it. As the ice is formed in a thin layer on the drum, the spiral cutter rotates in the same direction, breaking/scraping the ice off, which slides into the bin. There is no metal to metal contact between the cutter and the drum evaporator, maybe 30 thousands btw the two.

    This is the best shot I could get of the interior of the drum-

    This shot is from the top showing the water spray and the ice cutter-

    50 years and still running. Pretty amazing.
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    Pretty cool, though it reminds of cutting the lawn when I was a kid .
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    Great pics of an old York there baub.

    I remember seeing them around lots of markets but never had a chance to work on them. My father always *****ed about Yorks but I know he disliked the old Scotsman flakers even more.

    The last York machine like that I saw was in the basement produce prep room of a store in Connecticut circa 1985.

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    The last one I saw was about 30 years ago. About the same time the Carrier units began to disappear.

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    Gee, I never thought there was much to complain about the old Snotsman flakers!
    A shop I worked at, we even went into the gear box to make necessary repairs.
    Now THAT was messy!

    Never heard or saw a York ice maker though. Amazing it's still online.
    Kinda like a Vogt. Built to last.

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