I encontered something strange today. Upon arriving at a sevice call on a 6 ton trane condensing unit, (208/230 3 phase w/ a CRHL compressor, unit model #' N/A) the compressor appeared to be on overload. This unit from past experiences has a history of high head pressure issues limmiting the correct charge of refrigerant the system requires. Not bothering to ohm out the compressor, I cooled the shell down briefly, and ohmed the windings shortly after. Once it appeared to be off overload the unit was turned on, nothing, I measured voltage after the contactor and had full potential. An amp draw reading was taken when the unit was energized to assume a possible locked rotor... nothing, in fact the amp reading was odd, 6.5, 4.5 at start. My general question would be is their some type of limmiting overload that isnt showing me an indication at the windings? Unfortunatelly The meter I was using doesnt have a detailed ressistance scale and couldnt propperly ohm the compressor out.I encountered this a while back on another system and decided to return the next day once the unit was off overnight, the unit started back up properlly and I'm begining to assume the same for this unit. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks