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    I saved the blower from my old closet unit when a new furnace was installed and now I want to convert it to a fan for my garage. The identification on the housing is
    "SCH 033 IT 34 60899 25 G".

    The capacitor was more difficult to identify. Some of the capacitor identifiers were:
    "Mallory Bion 02"
    "12.5 MFD 330 Vac"
    "A 5000 AFC"

    I want to add a male connector to the tripple wires and plug it into an outlet in the garage. The current is 110 and the breaker is 15amp.

    Is this a feasable project? Do I need to change out the capacitor in order to be compatible with a 15amp breaker?
    What else do I need to consider?


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    Would it not be cheaper and easier to just go out and buy a fan at the store? They don't cost that much these days!

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    I'm assuming you have a squirrel cage blower motor out of a furnace. These require some static pressure or the motor will run slow, get hot and draw lots of current. When you hook it up and run it, you'll find this out by partially restricting the outlet. The motor will speed up and the velocity of the air will increase. So you'll need to hook up some kind of an air grille over the outlet.

    The amp ratings are on the motor itself, not on the capacitor.

    I've seen people use these in garages for an exhaust fan. Just make sure there are no gas appliances out there which the negative pressure from the fan could cause draft problems with.

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    It'll work fine. If it's belt drive fabricate somekind of guard to cover it up also cover the two sides to keep hands out of the squirrel cage.

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    Just nail it to a board and go.

    What color are those wires tho? I'll bet ya dont use all 3.
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