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    You gotta have Quicktime on your 'puter to view it.
    Not as lean, not as mean, but I'm still a hardcore, ass-kicking, hard charging Marine! Oohrah!

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    Hey Marine, this guy sucker punched a dude 50 lbs lighter with his hands in his pockets?
    I think the little guy would be justified to get a nice fat judgement against his bar (it looks like a bouncer incident) or perhaps come back, return the favor by ripping him a new A-Hole so you could track him by his sh.t! My expierence also suggest that the meanest cats were not my size 6-1 195 at the time, but the 150 pounders who would go down the hole with the 38 and flashlight. I have always, never assumed anything about anyone, or went looking for trouble. The big guy needs his ass handed to him
    That's what ARMY SOP would suggest

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    This is an extremely violent video. It's been around forever but, for those who haven't seen it yet:

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