If you do get offered the job I would say to defiantly take it. I have a brand new 2010 3/4 ton Chevy van, Over $5000 in brand new tools, company phone and laptop computer. This job does seem to good to be true, I have never had so much opportunity and so much freedom. No one is looking over your shoulder, just do your job well and no one bothers you. I would say you will do about 50% hvac but when it is hot or cold you my have more emergency calls. Most of the work is not that hard fixing doors, changing a hot water tank or sump pump, unclog a toilet, and a lot of PM work. It will probably be great for a guy right out of school because you have time to look at the buildings you will cover and can anticipate what units need work before they breakdown. Good luck I hope you get it. Also you need to be able to pass an extensive background check and drug test.

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Hello, first post. Just finished a year HVAC course this past June. Been looking for work, many interviews..etc. I found this post by goggling "JLL MES". I should have registered for this forum a long time ago.

I too got a call from JJL (M.E.S. dept) and passed my phone interview. I will be having an in person interview soon. I'm extremely excited. It almost sounds too good to be true.. (the pay..your own truck/tools!) Around here, your lucky if you find an HVAC job with good pay/steady hours without having to buy every tool/equipment you need... let alone even a chance of getting hired in the first place. Government/State jobs are nice but it seems like those are always inside deals..so it's like your interview is for nothing. I'll let you guys know how my 2nd interview goes.

qwerty hvac: Congrats on your new position. Everything you've said is exactly what my guy I am interviewing with has told me (pay, on call, 18+10 (28) leave days, own truck, etc.) What is the ratio of HVAC work compared to general electrical/plumbing/lighting, etc, that you do?

This looks like a very tight knit and helpful community full of resources. Glad I joined.