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    Hello all.
    I am working on some WSC063. Have you ever seen oil migration on these machines with the chiller not operating but condenser water flowing through the bundle.

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    Short answer would be no,need more info.Are you saying that you are loosing oil just sitting there,how much oil loss,What temp is your oil sump off,does it
    try to start?,check your start counter,trend your oil temp,oil pressure and

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    yep I have if you cut the power off of the machine in a cold mech room for several hours or that cond water is cold it will disappear when you cut the heat back on the sump!I have one that sits on a roof outside and every winter when they lock it out for repairs we end up having to pump oil in it to start up then take it back out!

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    R-134a seems to have more of an ability to grab the oil and move it than the old time R-12 machines used to. That applies to all brands, not just McQuay.

    Just my opinion from what I've seen happen when oil sump heaters are off, or in extreme situations, like grossly inverted starts.
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    I'm going out on a limb here to say that they're multiple chillers in parallel with the cond. water pump and that is why flow is not ceased through chiller in off cycle? Can you try closing valve to stop flow, to see if oil still migrates, only one thou unless vent on water side of barrel is opened. Oil heater drawing amps?

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