A man walks into a pub and sits down. He orders himself a beer from the bartender, and finishes it as he pulls out a miniature piano and a foot tall tiny man from a duffle bag. He put the empty glass next to the piano and ordered himself another beer. The tiny man began playing the piano; it was the most beautiful music anyone had ever heard, that many people in the pub came up to them and started putting tips into the empty glass.

"Where on earth did you get that piano player?" the bartender asked the man.

"I was walking along the beach last summer and found a lamp that had washed up on shore," he replied. "Just for kicks, I thought I'd give the lamp a rub not really expecting anything, but a genie appeared and granted me a wish."

"I see," said the bartender, wondering why someone would want the piano player as his wish.

"The genie will grant everyone one wish only the first time they rub the lamp. Would you like to make a wish?" the man asked the bartender as he pulls it out of his duffle bag.

"Why thank you. Don't mind if I do." The bartender rubbed the lamp, and the genie appeared.

"I grant you one wish. Whisper it in my ear, and it will be my command" the genie told the bartender.

He did as he was told, and with that, the genie disappeared in a cloud of smoke, and the whole pub was filled with ducks quacking away.

"What the???" the bartender was stunned. "I told him I wanted a million BUCKS, not a million DUCKS!" he protested.

The man replied to him, "Well, the genie does seem to be a little hard of hearing. Do you really think I wished for a twelve inch pianist?"