Hotel AC in a residence
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    I have a customer doing a reno on a house who wants a
    self contained HVAC unit in a rather large bedroom.
    He travels A LOT and wants something similar to the
    HVAC units in the upscale hotels he stays in.
    The wants the rest of the house zoned with 2 furnaces
    and Arzel Management. Any & All ideas appreciated.

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    are you talking about a ptac?
    there but for the grace of god, go all of us

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    Package Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) or Package Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP).

    I see some downsides: Noisey fan right in the bedroom instead of far away in the basement or attic. Noisey compressor in bedroom instead of outside. In a large room, haing only one supply register (at the PTAC) low on the wall with the return (Also at the PTAC) only a few inches away doesn't give bery good air flow and therefore poor temperature control. In hotels, these units under windows can cause window glass and metalwindow frames to sweat badly - make sure windows are insulated glass AND that frames have thermal barriers between inside and outside.

    But if he likes them, let him have what he wants. In my not so humble opinion, GE zonelines are the best- 5000 series are quiet and dependable.

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    Why not suggest a higher quality mini-split? They run nice and quiet.

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    Originally posted by jackal
    Why not suggest a higher quality mini-split? They run nice and quiet.
    Depending on your area (how well it would work) they are available in heat pumps

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    Originally posted by jackal
    Why not suggest a higher quality mini-split? They run nice and quiet.
    Absolutely sounds like a good application for a mini split however it sounds like this customer is so used to the sound of the hotel units, he wants the same droning sound to put him to sleep at home! The mini split will definately be better when it comes to resell value though. Mitsubishi and Sanyo probably make the best ones but carry a hefty price tag. The Fujitsu units I have installed have been trouble free also. The only quirk is there is no low voltage. The lines between evap and condenser are high voltage. I think three conductors on a AC only and five on a heat pump.

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