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    We are using Trane's Rover V 5.00 software to configure both comm4 and comm5 devices. This should be available from Trane. I would also HIGHLY recommend going to the MP-580 course to learn to configure and program the Trane lonworks devices.

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    I concur, I also very seldom use my Kestrel key.....usually not worth the time to get it out. As for the 530 on scroll chillers I haven't heard or saw anything on it but that doesn't mean it isn't so. I personally like the 530, it's pretty straight forward, the only real difference is the touch screen, I know, the llids but the menu has the same info for the most part. I don't care who make a machine, a chiller is a chiller is a chiller. Until the physics of refrigeration change, if they ever do.

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    "My..... THAT went very well ......
    I guess this thread has yet to take off.

    I'll wait til it does. This sounds interesting.

    I know very little about big chillers. But I know a lot about business and networking people. Sharing information.

    So far, all I've heard here is chiller talk and NOTHING about the subject of this thread. Just venting and gossip.
    BOSS is certainly a very patient man.... "

    Yes, back to the subject of the post...

    This Chiller Group sounds like a great idea and I wish them well in their efforts to keep the manufacturers out of the contracting business. That being said, maybe someone can point me to a similar organization for building owners, who's goal is to keep the cost of maintaining buildings to a minimum by having properly trained and qualified maintenance staff. An organization with the capability of warding off the contractors who are only concerned with their bottom line at whatever cost to the building owner.

    Service contracts are a necessary part of building ownership, but a service contract does not give the service provider exclusive access to the building's equipment!! Especially if the building owner DOES have highly trained, qualified personnel on staff!

    Sorry, I didn't mean to rant. I realize as a municipal employee (employee of a building owner) I am the bottom of the barrel, but that doesn't nullify my expertise or experience!

    I say, contractors band together to fight the mighty manufacturers and keep their noses out of "contractor" business!!! I also say, building owners unite to fight the mighty contractors and keep their noses out of the "ownership" business, lol!!! Heeeey, maybe the building owners can form a relationship with the manufacturers and eliminate the "middle man" all together!?!? Oh, I guess that's what the manufacturers are trying to do!! Rock on Chiller Group, onward through the fog, keep up the good work of making this country a great place to do business!!!!!

    Def. of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results!!

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    I worked in buildings for for over 20 years. IThere are groups for building owners and facility managers thaat have strong enphasis on maintenance and operation. I can see from the postings that we are getting off the thread, but if you would like to email me I would be glad to give you some leads. You can contact me at the email address in my profile.

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    Its a Damn conspiracy I tell you.

    I Blame My In Laws!

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