The Chiller Systems Group is a network of independent contractors who service and repair large tonnage chillers. The group was formed in 1994 and has met semi-annually since that time. Current members are located in various areas throughout the United States and may even compete with one another Maintaining technical strength and sound business management through shared ideas is the primary focus of the group.

Events following the Montreal Protocol, which led to the chiller conversion market, were the driving force behind the formation of the group. Contractors found that the chiller manufacturers were reluctant to share vital information with them, and were unwilling to sell conversion materials without attaching unacceptable conditions. In April 1994 ten contractors met in Minneapolis, Minnesota to share information and ideas. The group has gathered strength and grown since that time.

Sharing expertise and knowledge among members has increased the capabilities of each contractor within the group. Occasionally one contractor will send one of their field engineers to another contractors's location for the purpose of assisting in a repair technique. Each member of the group has a responsibility to respond promptly to a request from any other member, and to keep all members advised of information that might be helpful.

The Chiller Systems Group relies upon close interaction of owners and managers on one hand and technical people on the other. Many of the owners and managers have worked in the field or have technical backgrounds. This facilitates communication within the group. These contractors view their businesses as more then a source of income. They desire to set a high level of performance and become an industry standard of excellence. Members are deeply involved in the service business and sincerely want to provide the very best service available to customers.

The Chiller Systems Group differs from other industry groups in that there are no membership fees. Each member pays their own way and shares common expenses equally. There is no administrative staff to handle correspondence and mailings. Each member must be committed and willing to handle these tasks within their own organization.
Current members include some of the largest and most progressive service contractors in the industry. New members are welcome as long as they can contribute to the effectiveness of the group, do not compete with an existing member and are willing to commit their resources to assure the group's success.